SV60 Cordon & Liñán Arquitectos is an award winning company of Architecture and Urbanism that serves in any areas within its scope and at every stage of development. The company conducts researches, construction projects, urban planning and also manages and controls the complete construction process of the projects. It has its headquarters in Seville, Spain, and works throughout the whole national and international territory.


SV60 Arquitectos offer a right combination of tradition and innovation attending to the characteritics of the place where each Project is located (Culture, heritage, climate conditions, people needs, etc). Our work in Andalusia (south of Spain), where we are based, has provided us with extensive experience in architectural interventions  in places characterized by the mixture of different cultures and a dry and sunny climate


Our office works from the specificity of each project. We have great experience in the development of projects of different scale, and specifically in the development, among others of the following type of projects.


- Sports Architecture.

- Residential Architecture.

- Offices and government headquarters.

- Hotels and public buildings.

- Refurbishment.

- Masterplans and public space.

- Transport Infrastructures

Architecture's team practice is based on the search for synthetic answers to multiple aspects which define each project (physical, cultural, environmental, economic and functional) by combining technical rigor and research. The main guidelines in this proccess are: Our interest in the potential of construction to create new places to improve the way of life of people, and to deal with the context, focusing on the relationship of architecture with the environment and the territory. The target is to propose an innovative integration between architecture, man and landscape, deeply concerned for the environmental, social and economic aspects of sustainbility. Built projects are informed by a sensitive approach to the physical and cultural context, establishing a closer dialogue to the place based on tectonic logic rather than language issues or style discussions.


Our Architecture is associated to permanence, not to variation and change. We believe that it is necessary to take the maximum capability of the site, and using the architecture to create a new Place. On that sense we understand our architectural concept as a simple equation: the balance between enclosing, making a place and defining its limits on one hand, and on the other the capacity of the space to give shelter and to hold programs that are adapted to the contemporary way of life.


Mass, void, light, material...The sort of perception of architecture that we are proposing bears mainly on these timeless values.

SV60 Arquitectos is a multidisciplinary team of Architects, Engineers, draughtsmen and administrative staff, and Financial and Environment Experts based in Seville, Spain. We are a multicultural team working in a wide range of projects, from architecture to territorial consultancy. We regularly collaborate with national and international teams of engineers, landscapers, artists and other experts. Consequently, we have a broad experience in putting together teams of the highest quality in Spain and abroad, having the contacts and relationships at their disposition for this. We are able to form the most suitable team depending on the specifications of each project. Our Architectural firm is leaded by Antonio G. Liñán. SV60 arquitectos was founded in 2002 by Antonio González Cordón (1950-2018) and Antonio G. Liñán, focusing most of their architectural work since then on public works via competitions and private commissions



Antonio G. Liñán. Founding Partner. Director.

MSc in Architecture, Town planning and Construction. Antonio graduated as an architect from the Seville School of Architecture. He is a lecturer in architecture at the ETSA Seville. He collaborated and worked as associate with Antonio González Cordón since 1997 to 2018, being partner at SV60 arquitectos since 2002. As an individual architect he collaborates with different national and international publications, where his work has been published and exhibited and works on projects and architectural competitions as a way of experimentation and professional development. His works have been recognized with several awards in Spain and abroad: Nominated to EU - Mies Van der Rohe Award 2017, Grand Prix Leonardo 2015 (Minsk), Mention Ugo Rivolta award 2015 (Milan), NAN award 2015 (Barcelona), Silver Medal American Architecture Prize (New York), etc. He has won several prizes in national and international architectural contests.


Manuel López Ruíz. Technical Director.

Technical Architect from the EUAT of Seville and Building Engineer for the Camilo José Cela University of Madrid. Technical Director of SV60 Architects. Extensive experience of more than 30 years in the development of projects, supervision of construction works execution and cost control in medium and large scale projects.


Víctor Silveira Tesoro. Project Director.

Architect by the ETSA of Seville since 2002 and Technical Architect by the ETSUA of Extremadura since 1996. He has wide experience developing different projects and construction works management, he is currently Director of Architecture and Construction of SV60 Architects.


Esteban Valencia Liñán. Project Director.

Architect by the ETSA of Seville since 2010.


Collaborators (From 2002):

Ignacio García Moliz / Malgorzata Denysiuk / Marceli Duda / Adriana Aprile / Chiara Spaziani / Jose Miguel Pellicer / Christina Kostopoulou / Salvador López / Anna Scandura / Annagiulia Saggese / Nina Niepsuj / Alexandra Nicoleta / Victoria Dragoni / Maria Xanthopoulou / Néstor Martín Acosta / Maria Draganoudi / Alexander Seidel / Dorota Malgarska / Nezabravka Tushnina / Sofia Betti / Francesca de Sisto / Karolina Semik / Marianna Bougonikolou / Domiziana Scipioni / Anna Thomaidou / Flavia Calia / Martina Toppo / Sara Marras / Simona Cirami / Panayiota Alexandrou / Adele Spada / Laura Vestita / Marta Borgo / Giulia Romeo / Marta Moreno / Malgorzata Gaziorek / Lynda Bennadji / Teresa Ulivi / Miriam Confetto / Bianca Maria Teti / Marion Lodzik / Rafaela Chrysostomou / Manuela González / Sara Speranza / Miriam Ribuffo / Concetta Cusano / Luis E. Villar / Víctor Silveira / Esteban Valencia / Mª Luz Villar / Francisco Pérez Alcántara / Eduardo Mayoral / José G. Mora / Daniel Montes / Álvaro Puertas / David Moreno Rangel / Plácido González / Isabel Fernández / José Luis Sainz-Pardo / Esther Díaz Caro / Juan Carlos Herrera / Samuel García / Juan José Martos / Emilio González / Héctor Domínguez / Manuel Gutiérrez de Rueda / Francisco Martínez / Joaquín Martín / Araceli López / Elisa Lara / Manuel López / Ramón Travesedo

SV60 Arquitectos is a Limited Company and it is registered under Spanish and European Union Laws with all the qualifications and competences to work around the world. The recognition of qualifications is regulated by Directive 2005/36/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 7 September 2005 on the recognition of professional qualifications.

The firm counts with the International Certificates ISO 9001: 2008 and ISO 14001: 2004 by SGS (Registration Number: ES14/15817).

ISO 14001   ISO 14001

Accesit Premios COAS Arquitectura y Sociedad 2019 (Rehabilitación).
Sevilla. Viviendas en calle Teodosio

1º Premio
Residencia personas dependientes. Mahón. Menorca.
IDA-APDC Excellence Design Awards.
Nueba York. USA.Viviendas Ceuta

            1st Prize
Housing at L`illa Glòries (Plot D). Barceloan. Spain   
            1st Prize
New ways of living - Green Block (Public spaces and Block 1.4). Málaga. Spain
EU-Mies VAn der Rohe Award. (Ceuta)
Architizer A+ Award. (Ceuta)
Archdaily Building of the year 2017. (Ceuta)

            Silver Medal
. American Architecture Prize 2016 (AAP). New York. USA. (Ceuta)   
40 Under 40 Award young European Architects. European Centre Arch. - Chicago Athenaeum
           Finalist Competition National Museum of History of Romania. Bucharest. Romania
           Selected FACTUAL Program for Young Architects. Contemporary Architecture Foundation. Spain   
LEAF Awards 2016. London. Great Britain. (Ceuta)
The Plan Awards 2016. Venice. Italy. (Ceuta)
Archmarathon Awards 2016. Milan. Italy. (Ceuta)
            Highlighted Proposal
Competition New School of Architecture Aarhus. Denmark
            1st Prize Medical School and Health Sciences Building. Nicosia. Cyprus.    
            Grand Prix Leonardo 2015 en la VI Biennal for young architects in Minsk, Belarus.
            NAN award 2015 for Residential Architecture. Barcelona. Spain
            Mention Ugo Rivolta Prize 2015. Milan. Italy
            Runner-up I Architecture Prizes COAS 2006-2010. Malpartida house.
            Shortlisted National Prize of Spanish architecture 2015. Spain
            Shortlisted 50 Social housing units. Zurich. Switzerland.
            1st Prize Congresses, Fairs and Exhibitions Palace. Cuenca.
            2nd Prize New Courthouse. Lora del Río. Sevilla.
            1st Prize Refurbishment of Regional Government headquarters. Huelva.
            Runner-up Fairs and Congresses building. Cáceres.
            1st Prize New Bridge over Guadalete River. El Puerto de Sta. María. Cádiz.
            2nd Prize Students residence Hall. Dos Hermanas. Sevilla
            1st Prize Andalusian Social Foundation Offices. Sevilla.
            1st Prize Masterplan and refurbishment of Cádiz Train Station. Seville
            Finalist X Bienal Española de Arquitectura y Urbanismo, Plató de TV y Oficinas.
            1st Prize Masterplan for 5.000 dwellings, Cortijo del Cuarto. Sevilla.
            1st Prize Headquarters for Andalusian Government. Sevilla.
            2nd Prize 245 units Social Housing. El Porvenir. Sevilla.
            Honourable Mention New Town hall and cultural centre. Mairena del Aljarafe. Sevilla.
            Honourable Mention New Courthouse Campus de la Justicia. Madrid.
            Runner-up New Football Studium. Alcalá de Guadaira. Sevilla.
            1st Prize 317 units Social housing, Loma de Colmenar. Ceuta.
            1st Prize Urban integration of Seville underground.
            1st Prize 37 units SocialHousing in Guadix. Granada.
            2nd Prize Federico García Lorca Center. Granada.
            1st Prize Urban waste management and research center. El Toyo. Almería.
            Honourable Mention 142 dwellings for young people. San Bernardo. Sevilla.
            1st Prize New Park Ribera del Guadiana. Ayamonte. Huelva.
            Runner-up Centrality areas Sevilla-Betis.
            Runner-up New Park Castillo Morón de la Frontera. Sevilla.
            1st Prize Seafront promenade, Plaza del Mar . El Toyo. Almería.
            1st Prize Congresses and Offices building. El Toyo. Almería.
            Shortlisted Auditorium and Congresses Palace. Ibiza.
            2nd Prize Museum and research centre Madinat Al-Zahra. Córdoba
            Shortlisted New Courthouse. Málaga
            1st Prize New Football Stadium for Real Betis Balompié. Sevilla.